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Member management

  1. Select "Groups" from the menu.

  2. Click the group (mailing list) that you want to set.

  3. Click "Members" under "People".

Settings for each member

Perform the following procedure to make settings for each member.

Changing the role

To appoint a member as an owner or manager, click the icon in the Role column and choose "Owner" or "Manager".
To set an owner or manager as a member, choose "Member".

For information about the role of a member, refer to this page.

Changing the subscription setting

Email notification setting for member posts can be configured.

  • Email: Send an email each time a message is posted.
  • Abridged : An email containing 25 messages is sent.
  • Daily Digest: An email containing up to 150 messages is sent at least once everyday.
  • No email: No email is sent.

Changing the posting restriction

This setting restricts posting by the member.

  • Not allowed: Unable to post a message.
  • Allowed: Able to post messages.
  • Moderated: The owner/manager can determine whether or not a message can be posted.

Setting multiple members

Click on the icon of the setting you want to change (Role, Subscription or Posting) and change the setting.

Removing a member

Select the member whom you want to remove from the group and click the "Remove member" icon at the top.

Banning a member

Select the member whom you want to ban from the group and click the "Ban users" icon. A confirmation message appears. Click "OK".

To unban a banned member, select "Banned users" under "People".

Then, click the "Unban user" icon. Click "Members" to check that the unbanned user is in the list.

Last-Modified: November 10, 2021

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