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Director’s Greeting

Kenji Yasuoka, Director
Keio University Information Technology Center(KIC)

In recent years, “digital transformation (DX)” has become a phrase that is heard in various places.DX means advancing digitization in a variety of locations through the development of IT technologies, and improving people’s lives based on such technologies.As a result of the popularization of personal computers and smartphones, computers have started to become a familiar presence to people, and it seems that we are entering an era in which it is possible to accomplish various tasks with personal computers and smartphones due to the development of network technologies.Our lifestyles have begun to change due to this development of IT technologies, and thus it definitely appears that DX has been progressing.Furthermore, the meeting of people face-to-face has been restricted during the COVID-19 crisis and post-COVID-19 situation, and amid such circumstances, the topic of DX promotion has become more important than ever before.

At Keio University, centering on the Information Technology Center (KIC), we have been effectively providing the information infrastructure that our school needs, and have been contributing to the advancement of education and research and the smooth operation of the school.We have developed an extensive amount of information infrastructure thus far, and going forward, we intend to contribute even more than before to initiatives aimed at DX promotion, such as the development of effective hardware and the enhancement of software.During the era of DX, we intend to support new education and research and the smooth operation of the school based on IT technologies, and lead the way regarding IT amid the COVID-19 crisis and post-COVID-19 situation.

Last-Modified: October 2, 2023

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