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About Keio Information Technology Center (KIC)

Purpose of KIC

KIC aims to contribute to the development and smooth operation of Keio University by effectively providing the necessary information infrastructure for Keio University.

Main business activities of KIC

The main business activities of KIC are as follows.

  • Formulating and executing the medium and long-term vision for informatization at Keio
  • Conducting research, development, investigation, and testing related to information platforms
  • Developing the information platform while managing and establishing rules for its administration
  • Developing, operating, and maintaining the systems related to education, research, and management

Organization of KIC

The KIC consists of the Center, which serves as the overall organizational management, and six regional organizations (Mita KIC, Hiyoshi KIC, Shinanomachi KIC, Science and Engineering KIC, Shonan Fujisawa KIC, and Shiba-Kyoritsu KIC).

Last-Modified: October 2, 2023

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