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Web Conference System

What is Webex?

Webex is a video conference service from Cisco. Web conferences can be conducted over the Internet from PCs and mobile devices (iOS, Android). Look on the following table for ways you want to use it and choose the corresponding service.

Predicted use case

  • To hold a remote conference of users at multiple locations
  • To interview people at remote locations
  • To have a meeting with outside contractors, and others

Note: In principle, please use Webex (for faculty/for students). For faculty members only, when it is necessary to connect video conference terminals, please apply to use the CMR Cloud.

  Remote conference host Application for use Service overview Max. participants Recording Login URL Manual Inquiries
(Faculty use)
Faculty with Keio ID Unnecessary Web conferences can be hold using PCs or smart phones.
(Video Conference Terminal cannot be used)
500 people Save to local(*1) or save to server(*2) Webex (Faulty members use) Manual Manual Faculty members
(Student use)
Students with Keio ID Unnecessary Web conferences can be held using PCs or smart phones.
(Video Conference Terminal cannot be used)
8 people Save to local only(*1) Webex (student use) Manual help@keio.jp
CMR Cloud
* Application required
Faculty with Keio ID
(students cannot apply)
Required each time
(When applying, keio.jp log in required)
Web conferences can also be held from a video conference terminal
(Polycom etc.) in addition to PCs or smart phones.
25 people from PCs or smart phones + 25 people from Video
conference terminals (max. 50 people)
Not provided CMR Cloud Manual help@keio.jp

(*1) Only available on Windows, not available on Mac.
(*2) All faculty members can save up to 50 GB (shared) to the server. If you exceed 50 GB, you can not save to the server, please save to local.


  1. The following actions are forbidden.
    • Use for any purpose other than education and research and academic purposes
    • Illegal actions, actions in violation of university regulations, actions in violation of public order and morals
    • Actions that slander or libel other people
    • Illegal actions using an alias
  2. Sound or images may be cut off under the impact of the state of the network and radio waves used, load on your terminal (CPU, memory etc.), or state of servers on the Webex side.

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