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Reference Materials

This section describes the Reference Materials features.
In Reference Materials, you can manage files used for study materials, reports, and other documents.

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Reference Materials Features

  1. Accessing Reference Materials
  2. Registering Reference Materials
  3. Modifying Reference Materials
  4. Deleting Reference Materials

a. Accessing Reference Materials

Log into the "Class Support", and then click the [Materials Room] tab.

The list of reference materials appears.
(If no materials have been registered, only the display menu and the list title will appear.)

b. Registering Reference Materials

Click [Register].

Red text: Text that must be entered or selected. Black text: Optional items.

[Material No.]
Enter a number for the material. (No more than eight alphanumeric characters.)
[Material title]
Enter a title for the material.
[Upload file]
Click [Browse], and then select the file you want to upload. (Each file you upload should be no more than 10 MB.)
[Material content]
You can also add a note or other information about the material.

When you are finished, click [Register].

When the window to confirm registration appears, verify that the settings are correct, and then click [Register].

The Reference Material List page appears. Finally, confirm that the title of the material you registered is displayed in the [Material title] column.

After you register data in Reference Materials, it will stay there until it is deleted.

To verify the details of the material you registered, click the text in the [Material title] column.

Click [Save] to obtain the data uploaded via the Register Reference Materials feature.

c. Modifying Reference Materials

Click [Modify] on the left side of the material you want to modify.

When you are finished, click [Modify].

When the window to confirm modification appears, verify that the information is correct, and then click [Modify].

Finally, confirm that the changes you made are reflected in the list on the Reference Material List page.

d. Deleting Reference Materials

Materials for which only "Modify" is displayed can be used as report files. To delete the material, you must use the [Modify Reports] feature to unregister it as a report file, and then delete it. To check which report uses some materials, click the text in the [Reference Material Title] column. Doing so brings up the details (use status) of the materials.

Click [Delete] on the left side of the material you want to delete.

Make sure that deleting the material will not cause any problems, and then click [Delete].
* Once you delete a reference material, it cannot be restored. Keep this in mind when you delete materials.

Finally, confirm that the reference material you deleted has been removed from the list on the Reference Material List page.

Last-Modified: February 26, 2016

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