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Stop sharing of Calendar

This following explains the procedure for stopping sharing of Calendar.

  1. Logging In to Google Calendar.
  2. ▼ [My Calendar] is on the left side. Click and open as necessary.

  3. Click ▼ beside the Calendar you intend to stop sharing. (Example: Meeting Schedule) Select [Share this Calendar] from the details menu.

  4. To stop general opening, turn off the check box [Make this Calendar Public] and click [Save] button.

  5. To stop sharing with specified users, click the Trash icon on the right of the users you will delete. If you are sharing multiple Calendars, repeat this procedure for each Calendar you wish to stop sharing. Click [Save] button.

  6. If you do not wish to share this Calendar with other users, turn off the check box [Share this Calendar with Other Users] and click [Save] button.

Last-Modified: March 11, 2015

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