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Please confirm the permission settings of your keio.jp mailing list (group addresses).

(update on March 9, 2018)

In March 2018, Google Groups default setting was changed to be able to set the topic viewing only for Group member(s). We are preparing to update the user guide, and hereafter, please note that the above setting is applied.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


We provide, as a keio.jp application, a mailing list (group addresses) function that uses Google Groups, but the Group permission settings are inappropriate, meaning that groups that can be viewed by people other than members have been discovered.
The system specifications are such that all members of the organization (everyone able to use keio.jp) have access to the posted contents. This is the default setting when a new group (○○○-group@keio.jp) is created.
Please make doubly sure that the permission settings for any Google Group you create and manage are appropriate.

【Confirming the Google Group permission settings】
Read the following manual, and always make sure that the [Display Topic] of the [Basic Permission] is appropriately set.

Last-Modified: March 9, 2018

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