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User ID-related inquiry

  • For inquiries Guarantor ID, click here.

Keio ID-related inquiry(例:keio.taro@keio.jp)

A. Before submitting an inquiry:

  1. Make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before submitting an inquiry.
    The frequently asked questions (FAQ) are updated regularly.
    The section to contact depends on the application.
    Click here.

  2. Make sure you have the following information ready when submitting an inquiry,
    and provide the information when requested.

    Give your employee number (ID Number), student ID number or Keio ID when submitting an inquiry.

    • Identification

      Students: student ID card
      Faculty and staff members: faculty and staff ID card, driver's license (Japanese), driving history certificate (issued on or after April 1, 2012), passport, health insurance card,or residence card * Individual number card is not available

    • Keio University student ID number/employee number (ID Number), Keio ID (if one has already been activated)

    You should submit an inquiry in person.
    We cannot respond to inquiries made by someone on your behalf.

  3. Please state clearly what you would like to know.

    Item Description Example
    Time of occurrence When did the problem occur? Is the problem ongoing? About 22:00 last night. It happened again this morning.
    Location A personal computer at home, the university, etc. My notebook PC at home.
    User Keio ID, employee number (ID Number), , student ID number, etc. keio.taro@keio.jp
    Problem What application did you use? What were you doing? keio.jp login page
    Symptoms What symptoms did you experience? What operations can you do, and which operations can you not do? Login fails.
    Login succeeded, but no page appears.
    Supplementary information Computer environment, etc. Have never been able to successfully login.
    Was able to successfully login until yesterday.
    Actual login page never appears.

  4. Contact the Keio Single Sign-On System (keio.jp) Help Desk.
    We cannot disclose your ID and password over the telephone or through email. Visit the nearest campus office.

B. Keio Single Sign-On System (keio.jp) Help Desk

For correspondence course students, please contact us using the keio.jp inquiry form.

  1. Contact by email
    Section Email
    ITC Headquarters and ITC office on each campus keio.jp Help Desk ( help@keio.jp )

    Make sure to include your employee number (ID Number), student ID number or Keio ID in your message.
    Messages received after 16:30 on weekdays will be processed after 9:00 on the next weekday.
    Inquiries made on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays or during summer and winter vacations will receive a response after 9:00 on the next weekday.

  2. Inquiries about your ID and password required your identification
    Campus Section Location Service hours Extension
    Mita Mita ITC Graduate School Building basement Click here 22331
    Hiyoshi Hiyoshi ITC Seventh Building B1F Click here 32819
    Shinanomachi Shinanomachi ITC Building 3, North Wing. 1F Click here 62657
    Yagami Science and Technology ITC 14th Building B1F Click here 40356
    Shonan Fujisawa SFC-ITC Media Center 1F Click here 52512
    Shiba-Kyoritsu Shiba-Kyoritsu ITC Building NO.1 4F Click here 26143

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