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A. What is activation?

You need to obtain a Keio ID before you use keio.jp.
We call this process "activation".

Read the Terms of Use carefully before activating your ID. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you cannot use keio.jp.

B. Restrictions on the Keio ID and password

In principle, a Keio ID that is already registered cannot be changed.
Be sure to enter an appropriate ID when registering.
If the university administration deems the ID to be inappropriate, the ID might be invalidated.

The follows are restrictions on the characters that can be used for the Keio ID and password:

  Length Valid characters Invalid characters
Keio ID 2 to 31 characters - lower case letters (a-z)
- numbers (0-9)
- symbols( . _ - )
(excluding parentheses)
- system reserved words (such as root and postmaster)
- strings used for operation management
- offensive words and strings
- IDs already in use
- IDs starting and/or ending with a symbol
Password 8 to 64 characters - The password must contain 8-64 characters.
- Lowercase letters (a to z)A
- Uppercase letters (A to Z)A
- Numbers (0 to 9)A
- Symbols (!"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?[\]^_`~ ):
  No other symbols can be used.
  Do not use a password that consists only of characters of the same type.
  Do not use a password that can be guessed easily
  (e.g., do not use your birthday or phone number).
- strings consisting of only the same type of characters or the same character.
- strings others can easily guess, such as your telephone number
- strings that are identical to your login name, or which are the reverse of your login name.
- general nouns and proper nouns, including names of people
- strings identical to the key arrangement on the keyboard (such as qwerty)

Keio IDs are not case sensitive; all letters are interpreted as lowercase.
However, passwords are case sensitive.
If you enter a password that exceeds 64 characters, the excess characters will be automatically truncated.

You can register any Keio ID and password within the abovementioned restrictions.

C. Activation

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