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Message receiving and replying method

b.Receiving and replying to a message

To use the message function, click the [Message] tab from the top screen of class support.

If there is a received message, it is displayed, so you can also click on its text.

If checks are entered at [Receive a reply] and [Receive reply notification by email] when a faculty member sent a message, the following notification email is sent when there was a reply from a student.

If the screen of the [Received message] tab is opened, the Received Message list is displayed.

In the case of many messages, click the [Display search condition items] button.

The search condition items are displayed.

To return to the state in which search condition items are not displayed, click the [Do not display search condition items] button.

To search by message receiving period, enter the start date and end date.

If you place your cursor inside the frame, Calendar is displayed, so select a date.

When you want to display only unconfirmed messages, enter a check at [Unconfirmed messages].

To search by type of sender, select either [Student], [Faculty member], [Class assistant], or [Employee] from ▼ to the right of [type].

When you know the enrollment number or employee number (ID Number) of the sender, enter it in [Sender number] entry box.

To search by the name of the sender, enter the name in [Sender name] entry box.

To search by the class to which the message was sent, select from [Class].

To search by characters included in the [Title] or [Contents] of the message, select [Title] or [Contents] and enter the characters to be searched for in the frame.

As display method, select sort by [Sender number], sort by [type] of sender, sort by message [Date/time received], sort by the confirmation date when the message was opened, or sort by [date/time replied] when the reply was sent.

And select display the sorted list in either [Ascending order] or [Descending order].

Finally, select the number to be displayed on one page from [30 messages], [50 messages], [100 messages], [500 messages], [1,000 messages], or [All].

After selecting one of the above search methods, push the [Search] button to display the searched list.

To read a message, click the title of the message you wish to read.

The contents of the message are displayed.

To download the attached file, click the [DL] button on the lower left, and you will be asked whether to open or save the file, so press [Save].

After the file has been downloaded, you will be asked whether to open the file or open the folder, so open the folder.

Check to make sure the file is saved.

To reply to the message, press the [To reply message creation screen] button.

After the reply message creation screen has been displayed, enter the text of the reply.

To attach a file, press the [Reference] button to the right of the file box.

The [Select file to be uploaded] window will be displayed, so select the file to be uploaded, and press the [Open] button.

After confirming that the path of the file is displayed in the file frame, push the [To reply contents confirmation screen] button to send.
And if you want to send an email notification, enter a check at [Send email notification].
If you want to receive a reply, enter a check at [Receive a reply]. When you want to send an email notification that there was a reply, enter a check at [Receive sent notification by email].

The [Reply contents confirmation screen] is displayed, so check the contents, and if they are correct, press the [Reply] button.

Confirm that the date and time are entered in the return date box of the message.

To reply with the same contents to multiple senders, enter checks in the check boxes to the left of the message and title of the senders to whom you want to send messages, and press the [Create reply messages for selected recipients] button.

You can select all messages by entering a check in the check box at the upper left of the list.

The reply screen opens and multiple senders are entered in the sender box. The contents of the received messages are not displayed.

Other operations are the same as normal replies.

Incidentally, if the check box of only one message is checked, the original mail is quoted just as in the case of a normal reply.

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