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Logging In

"Class support" and "Canvas LMS" can be accessed and used after logging in to keio.jp.

For students that are not qualified to have a Keio ID, see Apply for Local User Accounts for details on the necessary procedures for using the system.

Log into keio.jp.

If you forget your Keio ID or password, you must submit a inquiry or apply to have your ID or password re-issued. For security reasons, conducting these procedures over the phone or via email is not allowed. You must visit the nearest ITC office and present some form of identification.

Faculty and staff members: faculty and staff ID card, driver's license (Japanese), driving history certificate (issued on or after April 1, 2012), passport, health insurance card,or residence card * Individual number card is not available

After logging in to keio.jp, if you want to use "Class Support", click the [Class Support] button. If you want to use CanvasLMS, click the [CanvasLMS] button.
(The location of this button might vary, depending on the applications that are available.)

For each function and operation method after login, refer to the following manuals..

"Class Support"[Initial login] setting

At initial login time, before use, you must confirm [precautions when using copyrighted works for class support] and perform [email address registration].

About precautions when using copyrighted works for class support

After checking on the contents of [precautions when using copyrighted works for class support], please click the button, [contents of the above have been confirmed].

About email address registration

The [email address registration] screen is displayed, so please register your email address.

* Reference documents

By registering your email address, you can give notification by email by registering with the message function.

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