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Answer status list/ totaling results

Answer status list

Confirming answer status

To see the answer status, click the corresponding Questionnaire title.

The [Questionnaire details] screen opens.Click the [Answer status list] button.

Or when you press the [Answer status list] from [Operation], you can display the [Answer status list] screen.

The [Answer status list] screen is displayed.

From [Operation] of the student for whom you wish to confirm the answer status, you can display only questionnaires to which responses are complete by pressing [Confirm].

After confirming the contents, press the [Back] button on the lower left of the screen.

If Anonymity is On, Enrollment No. and name are not displayed.

2. Entering a comment

If Anonymity is Off, you can attach comments to the responses in a Questionnaire.

In the [Answer status list], enter a check at a response to which you wish to attach a comment then click the [Set comment] button.

The [Set comment] window is displayed, so enter the comment and press the [Register] button.

The [Confirm] window is displayed, so press the [OK] button.

Make sure the [Comment] box on a response has changed from [None] to [Exist].

To confirm comments, enter a check at the response that is the object of the comment, and click the [Display comment] button.

[Display comment] window is displayed.After confirming the contents, press the [Close] button to close the screen.

To delete a registered comment, enter a check at the response, and click the [Delete comment] button.

[Delete comment] window is displayed.Press the [Delete] button to delete the comment.

The [delete confirmation screen] is displayed, so press [Delete].

Make sure the [Comment] box on the answer has changed to [None].

Totaling results

To see the totaling results, click the corresponding Questionnaire title.Or select [Result] of the operation of the corresponding questionnaire.

The [Details] screen opens.Click the [Result] button on the bottom of the screen.

The [Answer result date] screen is displayed.

On the questionnaire, [Display all] may be displayed in the [Entry contents] box.

If you click [Display all], [Answer results] window is displayed.

To close the [Answer results] window, click the [Close] button on the upper right.

If Anonymity is On, the [Display] button appears on the right side of the entry contents box of the [Contents answer result date] screen.

You can confirm the [Answerer list] by pressing the [Display] button.After confirmation is complete, click [Close] to close the screen.

After checking the total on the [Contents answer results date] screen, press the [Return] button on the lower left of the screen.

Last-Modified: February 21, 2018

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