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Unix Login function adding method

Unix ログイン機能追加方法

  1. You can add the Unix Login function from your browser. Access the following URL from your browser.


    On a PC installed by ITC (Windows), after signing in, double click the [Change Password] icon on the desk top.

  2. After the [Log in] screen of [ITC Computer / Network Account Setup] is displayed, enter the [UserID] and [Password] of your ITC account, then click [Log in].

  3. [Main Manu] screen is displayed so click [Add services].

  4. After the [Add services] screen is displayed, enter a check on [Use the function of Unix login] and then click [OK].

  5. After the [Add services completed] screen is displayed, Unix Login service addition task is completed.
    Click [Log out] on the top right of the screen after the task is completed.

Last-Modified: October 10, 2019

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