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Concerning services after graduation (completion)

Using keio.jp

People who graduated or completed their studies at Keio University to become Keio alumni since March 2015 can continue to use all the functions of Keio mail they used while enrolled. (And persons who obtained the stipulated credits in the Doctor’s Course (latter period) then withdrew can also use these functions.) But they cannot use any other services.

Please understand that we cannot respond to inquiries about any methods of use other than inquiries concerning forgotten Keio ID or passwords.

And please use the functions correctly, because if it is discovered that an alumnus has performed any action that contravenes keio.jp usage regulations, the alumnus will immediately lose qualifications for use without any advance warning.

A person who has voluntarily withdrawn from Keio University (including special students), please refer here.

Restoring use of Keio mail to people who graduated or completed their studies to become Keio alumni up to February 2015 is now being considered, so please wait a little while.

Last-Modified: July 21, 2017

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