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12. Web File migration method

Web file migration procedure

Please execute both procedures 1 and 2

  1. Procedure 1: confirming and downloading Web File under current system (DEEPMail)
  2. Procedure 2: uploading the file to new system (Drive)


“Web File” data in the current system (DEEPMail) migrates to “Drive” of Google Apps for Education.

  • To transfer a large size file under Web File of the current system (DEEPMail), you can use HTTP or HTTPS to transfer the file in the form it is downloaded.
    You can share the file using the Drive function even in the new system (Drive).

  • Concerning issuing and managing the access ID
    Under “Web File” of the current system (DEEPMail), you can execute and control transferring files by issuing and managing an access ID. Under “Drive” of the new system, it is possible by sharing files.

    Reference: Drive: sharing method

    It is impossible to migrate access ID under the current system (DEEPMail).

* There is no function that combines and downloads Web Files. Please download each file separately.

Procedure 1: confirming and downloading Web Files under the current system (DEEPMail).

  1. Display Web Files

    Click “Web Files” in the menu to display them.

  2. Download Web Files

    Click on the download icon of the files you wish to save in order to save the file in an optional location.
    (For example, it is stored in the “Download” folder).

Procedure 2: Upload the file to the new system (Drive).

  1. Click “Drive” from the menu on the top right of the new system.

  2. Upload to Drive in the new system.

    Click the “Upload” button on the right side of the Prepare button.

  3. Click on either “File” or “Folder”.

    Select the file downloaded under item 2 of “Procedure 1: confirming and downloading of Web file under current system (DEEPMail)”, then click “Open”.

  4. When the following is displayed, upload is completed.

    * To execute upload under the folder, it is necessary to use Google Chrome as the browser.

  5. Display the menu by checking the check box to the left of the file that was uploaded.

    The authority for the uploaded file is given only to the owner of the file. Please set sharing as necessary.

The above completes the “12. Web File migration method” migration procedure.

To continue migration procedure, advance to the migration procedure site map.

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