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11. SPAM setting migration method


The current system (DEEPMail) allows you to designate conditions based on the IP and domain of the email, senders of email, messages, and contents of attached files, and block email with these conditions as SPAM email.

The new system (Gmail) does not have an email “blocking” (erases email without receiving it) function, but it is equipped with an advanced SPAM filter function as a standard feature that automatically sorts out “SPAM email” instead of placing it in the “Inbox”.
(Email that is sorted out as SPAM is automatically erased after 30 days).

Therefore, not particularly necessary for “SPAM settings” to migrate under the current system (DEEPMail).

For your information, the following procedure is presented if you wish to have the set contents migrate.
(In this case, it is set to place email under the set conditions in “Trash”. Email placed in “Trash” is automatically erased after 30 days).

If SPAM reaches your Inbox, you can sort “SPAM email” and improve the SPAM filter function by reporting SPAM.
Reference: Reporting SPAM

The above completes the “11. SPAM setting migration method” migration procedure.

To continue migration procedure, advance to the migration procedure site map.

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