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10. Schedule migration method

Schedule migration procedure

  1. Procedure 1: confirming contents of settings under current system (DEEPMail)
  2. Procedure 2: setting under new system (Calendar)


Information in “Schedule” of the current system (DEEPMail) migrates to “Calendar” of Google Apps for Education.

The current system (DEEPMail) managed the schedule with Schedule, but under the new system (Calendar), the Calendar function can manage schedule.

* You migrate data yourself. And there is no function that downloads Schedule all at one time.

Confirming contents of setting under current system (DEEPMail)

  1. Display the Schedule preparation screen.

    Go to top page of current system (DEEPMail) and click “Schedule” on the top menu.

  2. Confirm schedule

    You can confirm the contents by clicking the registered Schedule

Setting under the new system (Calendar)

Method of accessing the new system (Calendar)

  1. In the case of the new system (Calendar), click on Calendar from the menu on the top right.

  2. “Welcome to Google Calendar” will be displayed, so click “To Next: Receiving notifications about the schedule.”

  3. Confirm the “Method of receiving notifications” (in case you do not want to receive them, eliminate Check) under “Receiving notifications about the schedule”, then click “To Next: first prepare Schedule”.

  4. Click “Try using Google Calendar” under “First prepare Schedule”.

Setting sharing of Calendar

The new system (Calendar) is the default and a check is entered in “Share this Calendar with all users of the organization, Keio University”, so it is possible that the Schedule will be visible to all users of Keio University. To not share the Schedule, make the following settings.

  1. Access the new system (Calendar) and click “Settings” from the setting icon on the upper right of the screen.

  2. The Calendar setting screen is displayed. Click the “Calendar” tab.

  3. Click on the share “Sharing this Calendar”.

  4. Because as the default, a check is entered to “Share this calendar with other users”, remove the check from “Share this calendar with other users” and click “Save”.

Schedule preparation method

  1. If the Schedule is registered with the new system (Calendar), click an optional time. Enter the schedule to following title.
    After entering the title, click “Prepare Schedule”.
    * For detailed settings, click and set “Edit”.

  2. The Schedule is prepared in Calendar as shown below. (After preparation, you can easily change the time and day by dragging the Schedule.)

The above completes the “10. Schedule migration method” migration procedure.

To continue migration procedure, advance to the migration procedure site map.

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