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8. POP3 setting migration method


Migrating “POP3 settings” of the current system (DEEPMail).

“POP3 settings” migration procedure

Please perform both procedures 1 and 2.

  1. Procedure 1: Confirming contents of setting under current system (DEEPMail)
  2. Procedure 2: Setting under new system (Gmail)

Confirming contents of setting under current system (DEEPMail)

  1. Go to top page of current system (DEEPMail) and click “Option” on the top menu.

  2. After the option menu is displayed, click “POP3 settings”.

  3. Click the icon, “Correction” of the POP3 server that is registered.

  4. The POP3 server setting table is displayed. Please confirm the following 7 items.

    • [1] POP3 server
    • [2] ID
    • [3] Password
    • [4] Port No.
    • [5] Folder stored
    • [6] Is an email copy placed in the server?
    • [7] Is a filter applied?

    It is recommended that you print the screen displayed here, write in [1] to [7], and perform the later steps.

Setting under the new system (Gmail)

  1. Click on “Settings” from the gear mark on the menu of upper right of new system (Gmail) screen, then click on “Account” (tab).

  2. Click on “Add your own POP3 email account”.

  3. Enter the email address that sets the POP3 setting in “Email Address”, then click “Next Step”.

  4. Make settings as follows based on items confirmed by the confirmation of contents of setting under the current system (DEEPMail).
    (In the case where it was printed in item 4, perform the procedure while referring to it.)

    • Enter [2] in “User Name”.
    • Enter [3] in “Password”.
    • Enter [1] in “POP Server”.
    • Enter [4] in “Port”.
    • Check if it is “Yes” in “Leave a copy of the message obtained in the server” under [6], and if it is “No”, checking is unnecessary.
    • Set ”Attach a label to the received message” as follows.
      • In the case where [5] is the “Inbox”, a check is unnecessary. In other cases, check and select the contents of [5].
      • In the case where [7] is “Yes”, check and select the label of the “Email Address.”

    When you have completed the above settings, click on “Add an account”.

  5. An email account was added. On this screen, select “No” by this procedure and finally click on “Complete” to complete the settings.

    ※In the case where email is sent using an email address set in POP3, select “Yes” and do the settings.

The above completes the “8. POP3 setting migration method” migration procedure.

To continue migration procedure, advance to the migration procedure site map.

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