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13-5. Confirming and Editing Members


Members will be confirmed and edited.
Read precautions before performing this procedure.

Precautions (must be read)

Migration of members will be done automatically by the system side, but be careful of the following points.

  • Members migrate in their status as of November 6, 2014 of the current system (mailing list).

    • From November 6, 2014, when a member has been added or deleted under the current system, it will be necessary to reflect this in the new system (Group).

  • In the case where Keio ID (example: keiotaro@a2.keio.jp) is included in a member's email address, a Keio Apps ID corresponding to the Keio ID (example: keiotaro@keio.jp) will be added to members.
    Reference: About "Keio Apps ID"
    If Keio Apps ID is in members, an email is sent to either Keio ID or Keio Apps ID and can be submitted from either.*
    In the case where it refers to an owner or manager, the group can be managed.
    *But some members may not have registered a Keio Apps ID (in this case, a Keio ID is registered.)
    It is confirmed that this is caused by a member using the ID name of Keio ID in a publicly available Google service account (in this case, please register the email address of the Keio ID.)
    Note that if you try to register a Keio Apps ID in this case, you may get the following error message.
    Example: keiotaro@keio.jp is already a member of this group.
    It is not clear whether the specified email address is the user's main email address or a backup email address.

Migration procedure

Please perform the following procedure.

Procedure 1: Outputting member information from the current system (mailing list).

Members' information is output under the current system (mailing list)

  1. Go to the top page of the current system (Mailing List), and then click "Mailing List" in the top menu. The mailing list will start, so please perform the following procedure in this mailing list.

  2. Click "Manage List" on the menu on the left.

  3. Click a number in the row, "Number of Members" on the mailing list whose information you wish to output.

  4. Click the "Export" button on the top menu.

  5. Select "Save File" to save CSV.
    * The following diagram is an example of Firefox. The screen will be different when displayed by another browser.

* The CSV file that has been saved includes all members who are registered on the mailing list.

  • Line 1: Email address of member
  • Line 2: Name of member
  • Line 3: Status of member
    • 0: in use
    • 2: Temporarily stopped
    • mladmin: Administrator
    • mlsubadmin: Sub-administrator

Procedure 2: Confirming, adding or a deleting member

When using the new system, revise members yourself, and to edit members, or to edit members with the current system after November 6, 2014, perform the following procedure.
* If it is not particularly necessary to edit members, it is unnecessary to perform this procedure.

When the above procedure is completed, advance to "13-6. Migration: "Restriction on Submissions by Member" .

Reference: reason for adding the address of Keio Apps ID to members

In the Group that has migrated, in the initial status, the email submission setting under the Group is "All Members of Group" (this is the setting that lets only member submit.)

Keio Apps ID will be distributed to people who have migrated to the new system and are waiting for Keio mail.

The members may include people whose email address is not the past Keio mail, and who have started by using Keio Apps ID.
Such people may no longer be able to submit if, the address of Keio APPS ID corresponding to the former Keio mail address is not entered in the member when submitting email to the Group.

Please understand that during migration, some members will be unable to know whether to use the old address or Keio Apps ID, and that this was a response taken to prevent email submissions from being disrupted by new members after migration.

Last-Modified: December 26, 2014

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