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POP3 setup example for Windows Live Mail 2012


The contents shown here have been confirmed to operate under the following environment.
OS: Windows7(64bit)
Software: Windows Live Mail (ver. 2012)
Carry out all the following procedures.
* Procedure 2 should only be done for setting up the current system in Windows Live Mail.

Perform the following procedure as well if you intend to use the Keio Apps ID in your email address after completing the setup.

Procedure 1: Setting up in the new system (Gmail)

  1. Log into the Keio Mail(Gmail), and then click the gear icon in the top right corner.
  2. Click "Settings"
  3. Click "Forwarding and POP/IMAP".
  4. Click "Enable POP for all mail" in "POP Download" or turn on "Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on", then click "Save Changes".

Procedure 2: Setting up in Windows Live Mail

  1. Select "Accounts" from the menu bar, then click "Properties".
  2. Click the "Servers" tab.
  3. Enter the mail server information with reference to the following table and screen images.
    Server Information
    Incoming mail(POP3) pop.gmail.com
    Outgoing mail(SMTP) smtp.gmail.com
    Incoming Mail Server
    Email username Enter "recent:" + your Keio Apps ID
    Note: Make sure that you also include the part after the "@" mark.
    Password Enter the password for your email software.
    Remember password Insert a check.
    Go here to check your Keio Apps ID and email software password.
    Click "Settings" after entering each item.
  4. Please make sure that there is a check at [Use same settings as received email server]. If there is no check, click [Use same settings as received email server] and enter check.
    Click "OK"
  5. Click "OK"
    Click "OK" after entering each item.
    Perform an email send/receive test.
    This completes the steps for "3-4. POP3 setup example for Windows Live Mail 2012".
    To continue the migration procedure, proceed to the Migration Procedure Site Map.

Reference: When using the Keio Apps ID in the sender's email address.

  1. Click "Accounts""Properties".
  2. Change "Email address" in User information in the "General" tab to your Keio Apps ID, then click "OK".
    This completes the setup.
    Following this, your email address will change to your Keio Apps ID.

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