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6. Email Rejection setting migration method


Migrating contents of “Email Rejection” of the current system (DEEPMail).

Email Rejection setting migration procedure

Please perform both procedures 1 and 2.

  1. Procedure 1: confirming the contents of setting under the current system (DEEPMail)
  2. Procedure 2: setting under the new system (Gmail)

* Even if “Erase Email” is set, it is only migrated to Trash but is not immediately erased. Email that was placed in Trash is automatically erased after 30 days.

Confirming contents of setting under the current system (DEEPMail)

* Setting under IP address cannot migrate.

  1. Go to top page of current system (DEEPMail) and click “option” on the top menu.

  2. After the option menu is displayed, click “Email Rejection”.

  3. Please confirm the email address whose email will be rejected.

Setting under the new system (Gmail)

  1. Click “Setting” from the menu on the top right of the new system (Gmail) screen, then click on “Filter” (tab).

  2. Click “Prepare new filter”.

  3. Enter the email address whose email will be rejected in “From”, then click on “Prepare filter under this search condition.”

  4. Enter Check in “Erase”, then click on “Prepare filter.”

  5. When the following is displayed, setting is completed.

Reference: Received email is handled as SPAM each time

Gmail: Open email received from the “Inbox” then click “!mark (SPAM email information)”.

* Email for which you clicked on “!mark (SPAM email information)” is only moved to “SPAM”, it is not immediately erased. (Email that was entered into “SPAM” is automatically erased after 30 days.)

The above completes the “6. Email Rejection setting migration method” migration procedure.

To continue migration procedure, advance to 、the migration procedure site map.

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